Konjac Fettuccine (200 grams)


Konjac Fettuccine (200 grams)

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Enjoy the miracle no carb pasta alternative… Konjac aka Shirataki Noodles !

Konjac pasta is made with konjac flour containing the water soluble dietary fibre glucomannan. Studies have shown konjac glucomannan in your diet is beneficial to our health in many ways:

Weight management – Glucomannan fills the stomach and slows the digestion process, which helps the consumer feel “full” for longer, reducing the urge for heavy meals or snacks.

Help control blood sugar levels – By extending the time required to digest a meal, sugars and carbohydrates from other food intake are processed slower, which reduces spikes in blood sugar levels.

Reduce cholesterol – Glucomannan gel in the digestive system inhibits the absorption of lipids, such as LDL (bad cholesterol).

Storage conditions:

Keep in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, refrigerated once opened and use within 3 days; do not freeze


Please note the pasta is very absorbent so will absorb the sauces and take on the flavors you cook them with.

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