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This page entails everything about our usage of your personal information that we have collected from you on this site. If you are using this site, you are accepting our privacy policy practices, they may vary in certain conditions, and they will be posted here for your information. All policy changes will be effective for future operations and not those operations passed. 

Reviewing the privacy policy page is recommended because you understand how the personal information that you have provided will be used by the website. Furthermore, the practices listed here describe the privacy practices of this site only, and not all the sites, regardless of the uniformity of their domain.

Information Collection

Information collection here only refers to any information you have provided the website willingly. For example, if you place an order, you will be asked to provide us with your name, email address, postal address, etc. All this information is provided to us by your consent in order to cater to your order request. In addition, if you are interested in getting added to our newsletter or mailing list, we will add you to that only if you allow us to do so. 

Moreover, there may be some third-party companies collecting your data upon your approval, and showing you the ads that interest you the most on the These third-party companies may keep track of your visits to Healthy Bazaar and to other sites to show you the relevant ads that may turn out to be useful at times. 

Tracking/Cookie Technology

Healthy Bazaar uses tracking and cookies technology per the features we offered to you. This technology does not have anything to do with your personal information, but keeps a record of your visits to this site, the timings, the device used to access it, what browser you use to visit this site, and what operating system you use to let you do all that. As we said, the cookies don’t collect your personal information, but the information they do collect helps us enhance your experience on our site, and make things better for you. 

That said, if you have already provided us with your personal information as a result of any order placement or subscribing to your email list, the tracking or cookie technology will use that information to elevate your site experience even higher. Not to forget, we may share the tracking or cookie technology information with third party sites.

Information Distribution

There is a solid reason for us to share or distribute your personal data and cookie information with law enforcement or government agencies. Because it helps us with the prevention of fraud and in instances of required investigation. These are the ultimate necessary reasons that prompt us to share your information with them including:

  • If the law enforcement or government agencies ask for the information themselves or permit us to do so to prevent mishaps and frauds. 
  • If there is a threat of possible fraud, unapproved or unofficial transactions, we are required to share your information with them to clear the objective suspicions.
  • If there has already been fraud carried out, helping the agencies investigate that. 

The points above must have made this clear that we won’t disclose your personal or cookie information to these companies for marketing purposes, but to ensure our operations, database, and financial flow are absolutely protected from frauds and deceptions. 

Data Security Commitment

Rest assured that your personal or cookie information will not be disclosed to those who don’t mean to keep it confidential and secure. Even with us, your information is made available to only authorized contractors and agents who abide by our policies and ensure the safety of your information. 

Needless to say, if there ever happens to be a breach of the personal data and information of our customers, visitors, agents, employees, and whatsoever, we will surely notify you of the incident and our action plan to solve the breach; provided that we are allowed by the law enforcement or governmental agencies. 

Furthermore, if you have subscribed to our mailing list to receive our newsletters, you will find them equipped with an unsubscribe button in the end. It will allow you to unsubscribe from our newsletter service as a result of your objection to our commitment to keeping your personal information and data safe. 

Also, Healthy Bazaar makes it possible for you to submit an application to remove your personal information from our database that we may have collected from you at the time of order placement or mailing list subscriptions. 

You may do so using the email address provided below. However, be informed that we will require an action of authentication from your side, which can be the same information you provided at the time of placing your order. This is only to verify that it is the same person asking for removal who submitted that.

Contact Information

We understand your concerns about your personal information. And we would like it very much to ensure that we care for your personal or cookie information as much as you do. Still, Healthy Bazaar welcomes you to place any of your concerns, queries, and doubts with us and we will have them answered directly. You can use the channels mentioned below to contact us.

You can either contact us via our email address:


Reach out to us through phone, the digits are:



Note we may make any essential changes to our privacy policy page as a situation requires. However, all those changes will be posted here, allowing you to stay aware of all developments in our privacy practices.

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