14 Days.

You have 14 days to tell us if you are not satisfied with the item you have received. The count starts exactly from the day you receive your order or your order is delivered.

Perishable and made-to-order or bespoke items are non-returnable. 

If your product is made on your instructions of customization, and not from the catalog offered by the seller, it is bespoke, and can not be sold in future, therefore not applicable to be returned or exchanged.

The perishable items have a ticking clock with them, and upon return we might receive them in an already perished condition.

Therefore, both of those category products are non-returnable. However, if you receive them in perished condition or not made exactly to your instructions, you should let us know right after you have received them. 

If you adhere to a reasonable timeline for registering a complaint, you would be able to return the product without much complications.

You will be refunded against your order within 14 days after Healthy Bazaar receives the returned order or the evidence that you have returned the product to the seller. 

Or if there are no goods you have received, you will be refunded 14 days after you inform us via a message while canceling your order, as defined in Q3. 

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